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Hi Everyone!

We’re very excited for the arrival of the darling Woodlings: Yoshi and Boneka Kayu to the shop of Charles' Creature Cabinet!

Please visit us at http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com and say hello to these cuties!

Yoshi & Kayu are coming....!!!

Yoshi The Woodling Faerie & Boneka Kayu

The 1st picture of Yoshi and Kayu, coming next Full Moon / Luna Night October 14, 2008!

Hi Everyone,

I'm mEda, the Marketing and Foreign Trades Manager of Charles' Creature Cabinet, a new ABJD company created by Charles Stephan, the creator of Alice Cherry Blossom. We are very excited with this new project and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is a sole proprietorship company / arts and crafts studio founded in Autumn 2008. It officially opened its doors this September. We want to offer our customers 100% handmade art and crafts, unique and high quality collectable artist toys: Asian ball jointed dolls, designer toys and character dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is Charles Stephan’s dream studio from design to manufacturing operated in The Netherlands.

Our Indonesian mini factory is equipped to manufacture small runs of limited editions. Thus ensuring of no mass production but limited runs of unique toys and dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet is not only dedicated to bring you a high quality product but also a wonderful and unique little piece of art.

The first Limited Edition dolls from Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ will be available on October 14th, 2008! Here is a sneak preview of these cuties:

To find out more about the dolls and Charles’ Creature Cabinet™, please visit: http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com!


Charles' Creature Cabinet
Charles' Creature Cabinet
Charles' Creature Cabinet

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